Monday, February 4, 2013

You say goodbye and I say hello

A month into 2013 and the changes have been many. 
We wrapped up 2012 with a rejuvenating trip to visit family in the South and 
soon after landed in Pokey to start packing for a move to Boise, Idaho. 

After loading our UHAUL in -4 degree weather, we drove west and 
unloaded in +14 degree weather (thank you Boise for the +). We finished our last week of work in Pocatello and I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to work with teenagers and their families.  
I was challenged in an environment that allowed me to develop as a counselor without 
stifling my personality and I am grateful for MK Place.  When I reflect on the 2 years we 
spent in "the Pokey barn", I am also overcome with gratitude for the strength, joy, and peace God provided me with that made the last 2.5 years so memorable. 
I am sure in the future we will look back and wish for the simplicity 
Pocatello offered us during the first years of marriage. 

A few of our last snapshots of Pokey:

Goodbye and thank you Pocatello for a pleasant two years. 
We will miss the ease of life you offered and the proximity to Yellowstone, the Henry's Fork, 
the Tetons, and the reservation.  
(My sister will especially miss having an excuse to visit you as she once described you as, 
"a place that where a sad indie film might have been shot").
Hello Boise, we are ready for you and excited to see what you have to offer 
(starting with exploring what Whole Foods and Anthropologie have to offer). 


Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter Happenings

We have enjoyed a nice change of pace with a lull in our weekend travels. 
Staying home reading, tying flies, and snuggling with the pups has helped stretch out our weekends. 
But, a few weeks ago we braved the cold and the wind to fish below the American Falls damn and had some luck stripping streamers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Closing Day

Buck and I spent our last fishing weekend of the year in Last Chance, Idaho. 
Overcast, cold, and quiet; the weather was beautiful.

Even though no fish were caught, the scenery redeemed the weekend.

Home again

Last month Buck and I traveled south to have a quick visit with friends and family. 
My sweet nieces could not be any more lovable.  

I especially loved being home for a Halloween party and Fl/Ga tailgating with friends

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Streamerfest 2012

This past weekend marked the first annual Streamerfest in Pocatello. 
Buck invited fishing friends from Tahoe, Vail, Park City, West Yellowstone, and Butte to spend long days on the water stripping streamers in an effort to catch trout
 that were packing on pounds for a winter. 
Saturday's conditions turned out to be perfect and 
many 20+ inch trout were caught and the day was finished with a majestic sunset. 
Celebrations followed with wings, brews, bowling, and karaoke.

 Baby brown on the Snake

 Otis, Bear, and Buck

 "Let me just tell you this, I stopped taking pictures"

Patience paid off

Hungry trout

Mouse fishing

Sun Valley in Autumn

A few weekends ago I tagged along with Bucky in Sun Valley 
while he attended an environmental law conference. 
When he was in meetings, I explored local trails and enjoyed the brisk fall weather.
It could not have been more beautiful

 Walking through Aspen groves in the Hemingway Memorial on Saturday morning:

Fishing the Big Wood with Buck Saturday and Sunday afternoon:

 First fall brown we've caught: